2021: BCIA Exam Review Course

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For those planning to sit the BCIA exam, this course will provide a basic overview of the BCIA Blueprint of Knowledge. 

About this course:

Based upon the content of this presentation attendees will be able to:
► Describe EEG collection and interpretation concepts, such as montages; active, reference, and ground electrodes, analog-to-digital conversion, QEEG, LORETA source density analysis
► Name electrical and instrumentation terms including impedance, differential amplifier, sampling rates, high and low pass filters
► Identify common artifacts including eye movement, muscle tension, cardiac, electrode movement Recognize key features of normal and abnormal waveforms
► Describe the application of key learning theory concepts, such as, operant conditioning, to NFB
► Name key Brodmann Areas and related disorders that are common targets of NFB treatment
► List the levels of efficacy for NFB
► Understand the basis of event related potential (ERP)
► Describe basic ethical principles inherent in NFB practice
► Define basic statistical terms
► Identify basic brain structures related to NFB
► Name key neural networks
► Understand the purpose of common biofeedback modalities used along with NFB
► List common disorders where NFB is evidenced-based including seizure disorders, ADHD, anxiety, depression, post-concussion
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