(IN PORTUGUESE) 2021: Neurorehabilitation Program Using Biophoto/Electromagnetic Stimulation Wearable (Plenary Session)

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IN PORTUGUESE - Presented by Victoria L. Ibric, Michele Owes, & Liviu G. Dragomirescu: The Neurodynamic Activator™, as a unique standalone brain trainer, shown to be a useful device that benefited all the participants and the benefits obtained and reported at the end of the study, continued to be sustained 18 months and longer, after the completion of the Bio-photo-Stimulation. Other light/ bio-photo-stimulation methods will be compared and discussed. We had to adapt to this special isolated life during the pandemic time that we experienced for a year. The importance of integrating the bio-photostimulation devices in brain training without any negative consequences will be a part of our discussion.
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