(IN PORTUGUESE) COVID-19: Effects on Brain, Behavior, and qEEG Correlates (Plenary)

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Presenters: David Cantor, Leslie Sherlin, Susan Blank, Robert Turner, Ronald Swatzyna, Barbara Minton, Harry Kerasidis, Britt Parramore, Adrian Van Deusen, Giuseppe Chiarenza & Tanju Surmeli
Without question the primary focus of the resulting Pandemic has been to reduce the risk or death and the rapid contagion of the disease. Given that it has been recognized that this and other viruses do indeed enter the brain ( M. Desfordes, A. Le Coupanec, P. Dubeau et al, 2020; A.S. Zubair et al.,2020), studies are now being turned to understand possible residual effects on behavior and brain function.
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