(IN SPANISH) 2021: Infra-Slow EEG Neurofeedback training for pain management in people with knee osteoarthritis: A pilot and feasibility clinical trial  (Panel)

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Presented by: Tyson Perez, Paul Glue , Dirk De Ridder, Divya Adhia & Jerin Mathew
We undertook a quantitative review in an attempt to determine if there is evidence for EEG-NFB specificity in the treatment of IDs. Methods: We considered all published and unpublished randomised, double-blind (i.e. trainees and raters), sham/placebo-controlled (i.e. feedback contingent on a random signal, the activity from a different person’s brain, or an unrelated signal from the trainees own brain) trials involving humans with at least one ID diagnosis without exclusion by language, locality, ethnicity, age, or sex. 
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