2017: Re-training the Injured Brain: sLORETA Neurofeedback as an Acute Concussion Intervention (Plenary Session)

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Neurofeedback may provide a novel treatment option for the pervasive neuropsychopsychological concussion problem. Findings that yield z-scored brain activity largely approaching a statistically normal range (Z = 0) would suggest that neurofeedback may be beneficial to concussion recovery in comparison to recovery without the use of neurofeedback, where z-scores may remain statistically deviant upon recovery from concussion injury (Ims, 2016). Theoretically, interventional neurofeedback following concussion injury may enable the concussed individual to train his or her brain towards recovery and alter the long-term trajectory of the injured brain.use it for their traumatized patients. This workshop will introduce them to the brains of their patients, to the practice of neurofeedback to quiet fear and to the integration of
neurofeedback and psychotherapy.
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