Autism and Assessment: An Integrated Approach ISNR FOUNDATIONS (WS-17_2017; 3hr)

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Presenters: Robert Coben, PhD; Anne Stevens, PhD

This workshop will guide the understanding of assessment and treatment of autism spectrum disorders using an integrated treatment plan. The attendees will be able to appreciate the need to create a treatment plan based on their own clinical knowledge, patient symptoms, neuroscientific knowledge, neurophysiology, and a neuropsychological and cognitive profile. This workshop will guide the participant’s understanding of autism and its associated neurophysiology. A review of the application of an integrated treatment plan along with clinical demonstrations will be shown as well.

Learning Objectives:
Based upon the content of this presentation attendees will be able to

• Have a working knowledge of ASD symptomology, diagnoses, and epidemiology.
• Appreciate the need for individualization of treatment.
• Understand the potential causes and neuropsychological underpinnings of Autism Spectrum Disorder.
• Recognize current treatments available for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
• Practice using information to inform neurofeedback treatment protocols.


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