What Neurofeedback Practitioners Need to Know about Photobiomodulation

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  • Released: 2019-04-19 20:09:48
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Presenter: Lew Lim, PhD, DNM, MBA

Neurofeedback practitioners increasingly recognize that photobiomodulation (PBM) which directs light energy to the brain, can produce significant outcomes. However, it is an emerging application that clearly has not revealed all its secrets—in fact far from it. Probably few are better positioned to discuss newly discovered evidence as well as ongoing research than Dr. Lim; who is supported by his large team and network of researchers.

The webinar will cover some biological mechanisms that are key to understanding the difference between PBM and other forms of brain stimulation, the effect of dose, pulsing and focal stimulation. It will cover the areas of investigation to enhance the effectiveness of PBM and what we can expect out of it in the near future. It will cover cognition, altered states, pain relief and ongoing medical clinical trials. Some of these investigations could have startling impact on the future of brain stimulation.

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