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Site Support
How do I register to become an ISNRU learner?

To signup you have 2 options. Click the links as shown in the image below:


Then click on register as a learner.


Then simply fill out the form.


Your account is activated, and ready for the next step. To purchase a course, please follow the support guidelines if you need help. 

How do I purchase a course or conference video?

Click on the menu at the top header, COURSES


Click on a course in the list, and then click BUY NOW

Your course or conference video is active for 30 days. 

How do I go through a course?

After you have purchased a course, make sure you are logged in, and click My Account in the menu header.

Click on My Courses in the blue menu area.

Click on your course title to go through the course or conference video.

Then click on the first lesson in the course.

Follow the directions in the lesson. 

For courses, you have 2 attempts at passing the Final Exam, then your certificate is available here.

Your course certificate will show up in the area that is below labeled, Test Passed Get Certificate. If you did not pass the final exam, you will not get your certificate, you will need to purchase the course and retake the course for the final exam. Contact the administrator if this is the case.

Click on the icons to get your course in the following ways. View, Download PDF, Copy the link or email.

You will receive an email with your course certificate as well.